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Rumour Mongering: PSG About to Bid €80 million for Coutinho

Oh, okay then.

Brasil Global Tour: Australia v Brazil Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

The mills are alive with the sound of rumours. And nothing seems to fuel them more than the possibility of Philippe Coutinho leaving Liverpool for literally any other team. The Paris Saint-Germain rumour from last week that no one believed is back today. According to French website, Le 10 foot, PSG is preparing a bid of €80 million (£70.1m) for Coutinho should their pursuit of Kylian Mbappe fall through.

PSG has been after Mbappe for a while now, but it looks like the French winger will either be staying at Monaco for another season or heading off to Real Madrid. Which, according to French sources, means that they’re ready to turn their attention to Coutinho. PSG will reportedly be bidding around £17 million less than what Liverpool valued Coutinho at, which should make for a successful endeavour all around.

This rumour continues to be mostly nonsense. There’s nothing to suggest PSG aren’t interested in Coutinho (who wouldn’t be, really), but it seems incredibly unlikely that Coutinho would move to the French side this summer. Or the next one, if Barcelona come calling instead. That being said, the most ridiculous piece of information today hasn’t come from any French sources, but instead from the BBC who appear to have forgotten a key part of the rumour in their initial tweet about it:

Worst case scenario: Liverpool Offside fans can give up a couple of other energy drinks and pitch in £80 to make sure he stays.

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