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Today in Keita: Michael Owen Believes Deal is Imminent

Because of course he does.

Leaders Sport Performance Summit - Day One Photo by Claire Greenway/Getty Images

Liverpool supporters have an understandably complicated relationship with former player and current commentator Michael Owen. The very last thing we as a fanbase wanted or needed was Owen chiming in with his two cents about a certain Guinean midfielder, so naturally that’s exactly what we got.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, Owen felt the need to declare that the capture of the Energy Drink Leipzig player was more or less a done deal. Unless of course it isn’t.

"They are on the cusp of signing [Naby] Keïta, and that could be an amazing signing if that came off,” Owen said in a seemingly self-contradictory statement. What is it, Michael? Are Liverpool on the cusp of signing Keïta, or is it still up in the air, as indicated by the big, fat “if” in your quote? Why are you talking? We don’t need this right now!

Eh-hem. Sorry.

Anyway, there’s a fresh batch of rumors from the usual rumor mills that Liverpool are now preparing a final £70 million offer in order to get this deal over the line. Although this seems like the logical next step, the sourcing is suspect at best.

Considering the latest turn of events yesterday, it would appear that Liverpool are not nearly as close as Owen suggests, nor that an additional £4 million would force this deal over the line.

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