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Andrew Robertson Reportedly Leaves Hull City Preseason Tour

According to Sky Sports, the leftback left Portugal ahead of an impending £10 million move to Liverpool.

Everton v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

Whilst Liverpool fans froth at the mouth for literally any news about Virgil van Dijk or Naby Keita, there is other business to attend to. Namely, Liverpool need a leftback who isn’t Alberto Moreno. While FSG executives surely kicked around the idea of just pulling a lefty out of the Kop, they’ve settled for a discount option: Hull City’s Andrew Robertson.

This particular transfer story seems to be developing relatively quickly (or at the very least has not become an outright slog like the other two), and now Sky Sports are reporting that the 23-year-old left-footed leftback has left the Hull City preseason tour in Portugal. Presumably, leaving the tour is a precursor to wrapping up the deal.

It was previously reported that the Robertson transfer could be completed for a little as £8 million, but Sky are now reporting that number could rise to around £10 million, though they were unclear whether this is due to add-ons or simply an improved offer.

If this report is true, it is likely that Robertson would be joining Liverpool sooner rather than later as the third signing of the summer. It would not be the most exciting signing of the summer, but a necessary one seeing as the Alberto Moreno experiment has not worked out.

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