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Jürgen Klopp Has the Right Message for Nervous Liverpool Fans

Following the match with Tranmere Rovers, the manager responded to questions concerning Liverpool’s transfer activity.

Tranmere Rovers v Liverpool - Pre Season Friendly Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It hasn’t been the parade of new signings that we thought it might be for Liverpool this summer. We got our hopes up. We did. We could see the likes of Mohamed Salah, Virgil van Dijk, and Naby Keita trotting up to Melwood amidst much confetti and fanfare. Arm in arm. Waving. The joyousness of it all, we would say, dodging happily thrown, red frisbees and hoisting banners with fun and inviting messages on them. Exclamation points and poorly but earnestly drawn hands doing thumbs up or something barely discernable but still much-appreciated in the verve of the welcoming crowd of supporters. What a day it was it going to be.

Unfortunately, reality is the enemy of parading. And the real world of the good, the bad and the business made sure that we were never going to get our hands on the proper permits to make our Red Carpet Day happen.

Salah has finally crossed over the threshold of our hearts. But many supporters are starting to get nervous about a reality where Liverpool are officially and tragically denied in their pursuits of van Dijk and Keita. After the match with Tranmere Rovers, reporters caught up with Jürgen Klopp asking for his take on this reality and the club’s current trough of business. He answered by underlining a conviction in what he and the committee are working for.

“We do our business as good as we can do it,” said Klopp, “and we are completely in it and we are convinced about the way that we are going so that’s all.”

Klopp does not like to be propped up as a pressure release for finicky fans, but when asked to perhaps address the anxiety of supporters over Liverpool’s summer transfer, he actually managed to transform his disdain for the moment into something that sort of looks like positivity.

“Nervous fans? Sorry I cannot help,” Klopp replied. “I don’t have to write a message for this.

“I’m not nervous. Maybe that’s the right message for this.”

I’m not nervous and so is my wife!

Klopp sidestepped any inquiries about Virgil van Dijk saying, “Pretty much everything I could say would be a mistake,” and then reassured everyone that patience is the only way forward and for anyone expecting to see any leaning in the near future to have a lie down and maybe just rest for a while.

“We have until August 31st” said Klopp. “We have time and sometimes things need time. We’ll do transfers because we want to do them. If not, it’s not because we don’t want to do them. So we have to wait a bit but tomorrow you can have a long sleep because nothing will happen tomorrow.”

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