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Fowler is Not Worried About the Transfer Window

Former Red believes Liverpool will be just fine, but they need to be willing to pay for it.

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Transfer season feels like it will never end. Every day seems to bring another twist to sagas that feel like they should have been put to rest weeks ago. But Robbie Fowler is here to reassure us and speak gentle truths that we should internalise in this troubled time.

As the rest of the Premier League appear to be buying everyone in sight, Liverpool’s pursuit of Naby Keïta, Virgil van Dijk, and a new left-back appears to have stalled. But Fowler counsels us to follow his lead and remain calm.

“Am I fretting about it? Not at all,” Fowler said at an LFC Foundation event. “Everyone frets because there are clubs out there like Everton who have signed a load of players.”

“Well done to them. Sometimes it's good to get your team in early [...] and get the new players mixing with the squad straight away. But it's not the be all and end all that you need to get your players in straight away.

“It's important you get the right ones. Just because the window is open it doesn't necessarily mean you need to be busy immediately.”

Given that Klopp has his eyes and heart set on very specific players, it makes complete sense that the process of coaxing their clubs to part with them would be a slow process. It’s also worth remembering that only three of six players who joined last season were at the club this time last summer.

Fowler also agrees with us all on just how much FSG is going to have to pay to make sure we land the players Klopp wants.

“If you want quality players, you're going to have to fork out,” Fowler said. “We as supporters have opinions on what particular players are worth but the fact is the players are worth whatever the clubs are willing to pay.”

Thus spoke Fowler, and thusly we should all take heed. Things will (probably) work out just fine.

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