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Virgil Van Dijk Receives the Gerrard Seal of Approval

Steven Gerrard wants the pricey defender to make his way to Anfield.

Previews - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Liverpool appear — knock on wood, rub your lucky rabbit’s foot, whatever — to be on the verge of a huge marquee signing in the form for Southampton’s Virgil Van Dijk. The Dutchman, who is considered one of the best center-backs currently playing in the Premier League, was courted by both Manchester City and the league winners Chelsea. It seems that he’s made his choice to play for Liverpool, and putting aside Southampton’s formal complaints of Liverpool tapping him up, there’s a good chance that a pricey deal could be struck between the two teams that sees Van Dijk heading to Anfield.

Chiming in on this prospect is Steven Gerrard, who appears to like the cut of his jib, told a crowd in Belfast, “I’d love to see him in a red shirt. I’m a huge fan. I thought he was fantastic at Celtic and I thought we should have had a go for him back then.

“It will cost us a few more quid but I think he is a piece of the jigsaw that would be very welcome and very big for this team.”

Gerrard, more than almost anyone, should be well aware of Liverpool’s continuing defensive struggles over the past several seasons. In particular, the center-back positions have been a source of serious concern with no two players forming an effective partnership.

Fans and, it seems, Klopp, are hopeful that Van Dijk, who has proven himself to be an extremely skilled player in that position, could find that partnership with current Liverpool player Joël Matip.

Whether it works out or not, Van Dijk now has the official Steven Gerrard stamp of approval.

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