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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool to Meet with Alexandre Lacazette This Week

Reports are that Klopp has made the French striker his No. 1 target.

AS Roma v Olympique Lyonnais - UEFA Europa League Round of 16: Second Leg Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

It was only a few days ago that news came out of Atletico Madrid’s transfer ban being upheld. While questions still exist about what and who this will ultimately effect down the line, the wheel still turns for Liverpool. It already looks likely to be a set of falling dominoes, and hopefully with a better outcome for us than say, Manchester United.

Before the ban, rumors were that Alexandre Lacazette was working towards a move to Atleti, as they were likely to lose their star Antoine Griezmann to United. If Atletico are unable to sign anyone new in the summer transfer window, though, they are unlikely to sell their own star in the summer and thus it would suck to be United in that case. And without a space to fill and looking to move on from his current Ligue 1 club Lyon, Lacazette would start to look elsewhere. Elsewhere that would include Champions League football, as he’s previously stated.

Enter Liverpool. The Sunday Express is reporting that Liverpool brass are planning to meet with Lacazette’s agents to make a move to Merseyside less theoretical and more realistic. Lacazette is also being closely watched by Arsenal and (you guessed it) Manchester United, but the Reds are reportedly confident that the French striker is far enough down their lists to not be much of a risk.

Lyon have yet to discuss Lacazette’s future with the club, and as such have left many questions about the striker’s position with them, but a move to Liverpool wouldn’t be out of the question. And lord knows the Reds could use a dedicated and proven striker, as Lacazette has scored 37 goals in all competitions this season. Every clue points to an indication that he would be a strength added to the Reds, and with Champions League on the horizon, they need all they can get.

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