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RB Leipzig Reportedly Want £70.4m for Naby Keita

It remains to be seen if the Reds can negotiate that price down.

3rd Place Match - Audi Quattro Cup 2015 Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Now that Liverpool has secured Mohamed Salah’s signature on official stationary, everyone’s frantic attention can turn to the other key targets of the summer. Naby Keïta has been the Reds’ top pick for central midfield but RB Leipzig have so far been adamant that Keïta is not for sale.

German newspaper Bild now reports that RB Leipzig may be persuaded to part with Keïta for a sum of £70.4 million. It’s still hard to tell whether the German club are trying to block a move completely or just drive up their asking price, but there’s no doubt that this is a price tag that will make Liverpool think twice, especially after just completing one record breaking transfer this summer already.

Leipzig trying to make the hypothetical move as difficult as possible makes sense. Keïta had a tremendous season, with eight goals and seven assists from twenty nine starts. With a guaranteed spot in the Champions League now confirmed, Leipzig will want to keep their key players so they can mount a successful campaign in Europe.

That being said, Liverpool’s biggest hurdle on the Keïta front might end up being securing the midfielder’s interest. Bild reports that Keïta may want to stay in Leipzig for at least another year, but a move to the Premier League could prove enticing.

Altogether not the most positive news, but on the (slightly) brighter side, attaching a £70.4 million transfer fee to the midfielder is a development from refusing to talk about selling him at all. So, progress?

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