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Virgil van Dijk to Liverpool “Not Over Yet” Says Former Red

Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp thinks the Virgil van Dijk deal is still on.

Norwich City v Southampton - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Ten days ago now, Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk chase appeared to end in public embarrassment as the Reds were forced to apologise to Southampton for appearing to have made an illegal approach for their player. As a result, they further signalled that they would make no further efforts to sign the talented centre half.

Some Liverpool fans, though, remain hopeful that that won’t be the end of it. That as was the case when PSG apologised for tapping up Milan’s Thiago Silva, the club’s top transfer target could still, in time, end up making the move to Anfield. And if you ask Jamie Redknapp, he thinks there’s a good chance that could happen.

“I don’t see that one as over yet, and I think for Liverpool it would be a brilliant signing,” Redknapp said. “He’d be perfect for what they need. He’s a brilliant defender and just tremendous talent. When he was at Celtic I can remember watching him and thinking he’d be great in the Premier League. He’d be a great signing.”

Redknapp, who was speaking at an Asmir Begovic Foundation golfing event, has previously stated that Van Dijk is the Premier League’s top centre half, and though getting a deal done won’t be easy—and could cost Liverpool more than it would have previously—he thinks it would be worth it to the club’s title chances.

“I don’t think that one’s necessarily over,” Redknapp reiterated. “I think that they’ve just apologised because it became public. If Virgil van Dijk is for sale and he wants to go to Liverpool, then Liverpool have the money to buy him. If they could get Van Dijk he’d give them a great chance next year.”

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