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Rumour Mongering: Barcelona Interested in £12M Moreno

Could Barcelona want Liverpool left back Alberto Moreno? Probably not, but that won't stop the rumours.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Liverpool will sign at least one, and possibly even two left backs this summer, and if there was any doubt before that Alberto Moreno's days on Merseyside were numbered, there isn't any more. That part of any transfer rumour involving the left back won't be controversial: Liverpool want to sell.

They would also, according to reports in the Liverpool Echo and elsewhere, like to get £12M for him—the same amount they paid to sign him from Sevilla in 2014. With the 24-year-old almost certain to be heading back to Spain, though, and with most of his potential destinations strapped for cash, that might be hard to get.

Unless one of Spain's big spenders come for him, at least, which something Don Balon and a smattering of other sources on the continent have rather bizarrely have suggested could happen, with Barcelona said to now be considering Moreno as a signing to back up Jordi Alba.

This comes after earlier reports that Atletico Madrid were refusing to do a deal with them for preferred target Theo Hernandez as a price Barcelona could afford for a player who would arrive at the Nou Camp as second choice. On the surface at least, it's difficult to give the rumour much credence.

The only way it makes even the slightest bit of sense is because of expectations that Barcelona's resources are likely be stretched thin this summer as they attempt to sign four or five first team players, and that could mean looking for a backup left back in the bargain bin. But even then it doesn't make much sense.

And if Barcelona are digging for a bargain, one would then have to ask if for £12M they would still see Moreno as such, especially when given the reduced spending power of the Spanish mid-table sides that are expected to be interested in him Liverpool might be able to demand a £6-8M fee at this stage.

Moreno's stock may retain some value in La Liga, but even there it isn't nearly as high as when he left Sevilla three summers ago, and the clubs most likely to be interested won't be able to make a £12M gamble. If Barcelona actually are interested, they'll know that and won't be eager to pay an English market rate.

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