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Liverpool Staying Focused On Fulham’s Ryan Sessegnon

The Fulham left-back is a serious target to replace Alberto Moreno this summer.

Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur - The Emirates FA Cup Fifth Round Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

We love James Milner. We do. Even if you don’t you know you really do. These are facts. The left back position being managed well but ultimately leaving us wanting by Milner is also a fact. And Liverpool will be looking to sort something out there this summer. Even, perhaps, buy a natural left back.


No word yet on who the top heavy-hitter will be to come right in and make it all pop with Champions League-level snap. But there’s still the top four to secure. So, in lieu of that, have this: The Echo are reporting tonight that Fulham’s Ryan Sessegnon is still tops on Jürgen Klopp’s list of who will replace the surely-departing Alberto Moreno.

Sessegnon, who plays for the England u19s, is said to cost £10million. He’s young but has been proving his value. He’s also likely to get better, nearly certain to get much better under Klopp. And for the manager style of play, Sessegnon appears to be the guy who’s been deemed better-suited to fight for the position than Moreno.

The young, all-action defender, as many know, is only sixteen-years-old. But he turns seventeen on Thursday. So, let’s just say he’s seventeen, because time is meaningless. So, this seventeen-year-old guy has looked very good this season playing in the Championship. And Fulham just missed out on promotion to the Premier League by losing to Reading in the play-offs.

Also in there is that any pursuit of Hull City’s Andy Robertson is being updated to either having stagnated or being off all together. But these things tend to disappear and then surprise you just when you’ve forgotten them. So, just tuck that information away but leave a little corner showing. Could come back.

But, here’s the thing: after Sunday—hell, Sunday night—everything changes if we’ve beaten Middlesbrough. Not everything, of course. Not your commute or anything. But, on that day, Jürgen Klopp will take his seat and recite the secret incantation to open the mysterious hidden cubby under his desk and bring out the special “If Champions League” transfer list.

By all accounts, Sessegnon is very good for his age. And glad to have him aboard, will I be. But heading into a season complete with European football will require more than a seventeen year old backup to Milner. Milly. Jimmy Ems. And leaving “Jamilner” to perform at left back against top-shelf wingers in a Champions League campaign would be a difficult game plan to sustain. We’ll need a new hero.

So, Sunday or bust. And sorry about your commute.

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