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Rumour Mongering: Reds Offer Triple Wages for Bayern Munich and Real Madrid Target

There aren’t many better young left backs than Theo Hernandez, and reports have Liverpool going hard for him.

Melbourne Victory v Atletico de Madrid Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

Another summer nears, and as always, Liverpool appear more than a little uncertain when it comes to the left back position. James Milner has done a solid job for the team this season despite lacking top end speed, but at times it shows that he isn’t a natural at the position, and behind him Alberto Moreno remains a question mark.

And today, there are rumours in Spain courtesy of La Cadena SER that claim Liverpool are frontrunners for promising 19-year-old French born, Spanish raised fullback Theo Hernandez and have signalled to the player that they would be willing to offer him a pay packet three times what any other suitor is currently considering.

Those other suitors are meant to be Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, and though Hernandez currently plays for Deportivo Alaves, he’s there on loan from Atletico Madrid. It’s a collection of clubs that speaks to the 19-year-old Hernandez’ quality and promise, with the player rating out one of Europe’s very best fullback prospects.

With his kind of talent, and that list of suitors—not to mention the option of returning to a club the quality of Atletico Madrid—it will be a tough fight for any side looking to win Hernandez’ signature. If Liverpool have indeed signalled a willingness to triple the others’ mooted pay packets, though, it’s a serious signal of intent.

As to cost, it’s likely if Hernandez goes anywhere this summer it will be for his club-stipulated buyout clause of around £21M. Spanish tax law has recently changed such that clubs can trigger the buyout clauses of players without having to pay a heavy tax on it, making that Hernandez’ likely sale price heading into the summer.

Given the current market, if the player pans out the way many expect him to and given that he’s just 19 years old, it’s not a price that any of the rumoured suitors would likely baulk at.

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