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Liverpool Link with Ambitious Brazilian Likely False

The Reds are scouting somebody, but probably not who the ITKs think.

Liverpool Training and Press Conference
"And then I said we were gonna sign Malcolm!"
Photo by Clint Hughes/Getty Images

International breaks are always the worst, and with the Reds having finally picked up their first win of 2017 in their last match — at long last giving their fans a reason to look forward to their next fixture — this 16-day stretch is no different. The manager has taken his remaining players to Spain on a training camp, which translates to a dearth of new material for journalists and rumour spammers, leading to the kinds of desperate drudgery seen already this week.

The next tenuous rumour in line comes from a supposedly in-the-know Girondins Bordeaux fansite, who claim that Liverpool and Manchester United scouts were present at the club's 3-0 defeat at the hands of Barcelona-butchers Paris Saint-Germain, reportedly taking a closer look at Brazilian winger Malcolm. Now, even if the source wasn't suspect — and it absolutely is — the suggestion that the Reds' main scouting attraction in the relevant match-up was the talented but relatively unremarkable former Corinthians winger would give one pause. The 19-year old has quick feet, and is, importantly, left-footed, but has yet to display the sort of stand-out ability or end product consistency that would turn the heads of Champions League hopefuls.

Reds scouts at the Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux is hardly unlikely, however — although they may have provided false information to nearby moles about their intentions — and opens up all kinds of delightful avenues for further rumour mongering. Are the Reds looking to secure Angel di Maria's triumphant return to England? Is Layvin Kurzawa ready to be Liverpool's long-term answer at left-back? Does the goalkeeper pursuit persist with Alphonse Aréola? Are we finally, finally getting that Lucas Moura transfer we've heard about for the past three years?

Probably not. But we're also probably not really looking at Malcolm. Twelve days to go. Mark your calendars.

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