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Juventus Play Coy on Emre Can Interest

Their CEO may not be giving any firm answers, but there’s really no mystery in this transfer saga.

Liverpool FC v Spartak Moskva - UEFA Champions League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The January transfer window opens in two weeks. Which means that in two weeks, Emre Can is free to sign a pre-contract agreement with another club if he so wishes, and every available sign right now rather points to him wishing to, with Juventus the almost certain another club in question.

It’s not a huge surprise, then, that we’re kicking off the week with another piece of news to pass along about the 23-year-old german midfielder who as yet remains as much promise and proven in his Liverpool career and who seems fated to depart the club before it’s certain just what player he will become.

“Emre Can is a name doing the rounds because his contract is running down,” noted Juventus CEO Giuseppe Marotta, who if his club is about to sign Can isn’t about to say so or give anything away that might get his club into trouble. “We are tracking the situation, nothing more.”

If Can is going to sign for Juventus, it will because they will have done more than track him—they will have been laying the foundation for his signing over the past year. And on that front, there have been recent rumours the Serie A side have an £85k per week deal ready for him to sign in two weeks.

It’s less than the £100k Liverpool have offered, a number reflecting the outsized spending power of the Premier League, but along with the money it’s been rumoured Can has been offered a long-term role as the anchor in Juventus’ midfield. It’s the role he wants and the minutes he wants.

With neither certainties if he stays in England, it may well be the player is willing to forsake three-quarters of a million pounds per season in exchange for it. In fact, it’s probably fair to say that it is the case, no matter that Juventus’ CEO is playing coy when it comes to Emre Can.

And in any case, with just two weeks left to go before the transfer window opens, it shouldn’t be long to wait to find out for certain where Emre Can will be playing his football next season.

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