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Rumour Mongering: Newcastle Want Danny Ings on Loan

The Liverpool striker needs first team minutes. Newcastle need a striker. Two plus two equals four.

Liverpool FC Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Danny Ings has impressed with the Liverpool reserve team as he works his way back from two seasons spent sidelined, first with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and then, when he attempted to return from that injury, a damaged right knee.

Yet despite having impressed at the reserve level, a first team role seemingly remains out of reach with Roberto Firmino and Daniel Sturridge the settled top two options for the league and Champions League and Liverpool having fallen out of the League Cup.

Queue rumours of Newcastle interest in taking Ings on loan in January, with Rafa Benitez said to be desperate to bring in a little attacking firepower while dealing working within a rather limited budget. On paper, at least, it’s a rumour that makes sense, then.

Ings needs to play first team football somewhere in order to prove he’s still got what it takes and it’s hard to see that happening at Liverpool. Newcastle need attacking options and have no money. Loan Ings to Newcastle and everybody wins. At least on paper.

Which makes it seem an entirely plausible, sensible kind of a transfer rumour. Even if for the time being at least there’s really nothing to suggest it’s any more than that—an idle transfer rumour based in large part on everyone putting two and two together.

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