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Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona Would “Delight” Ronaldinho

The former Barcelona star and Coutinho’s player idol wants a transfer to happen.

Brazil Training Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

With just six weeks to go until the January transfer window opens up, talk of potential moves is going to really start to gather momentum. Whether it’s aimless speculation or made up rumours or ex-players sharing supposed insight, it will be unavoidable. Sometimes it might even turn out to be true.

For Liverpool fans, the part most will be dreading will be talk of Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona, which has already been a common topic amongst rumour mongers and the Catalan press and will now only get worse. To wit, have a bit Coutinho’s countryman Ronaldinho being asked about things.

“I would be very happy to see such a talented player wear the shirt I wore for so many years,” Ronaldinho told reporters in Brazil when asked about the possibility of a transfer. “I believe the way he plays will perfectly suit Barcelona and would be delighted to see a player of such quality wear the shirt.”

If any former Barcelona player talking about Coutinho being a good fit would convince the player, it would be Ronaldinho, as the Liverpool midfielder grew up idolising the creative superstar. Not, of course, that Coutinho needs convincing of anything given the way he acted over the past summer.

A January move to Barcelona is unlikely, though, as Liverpool are determined not to sell the 25-year-old mid-season and there’s something far more important for a Brazilian star footballer to worry about than what club he plays the rest of the current season for: the upcoming World Cup.

“I like the way Coutinho plays, the type of football he brings,” Ronaldinho added, before coming around to his—and one would imagine Coutinho’s—real concern this season. “Those types of qualities will hopefully help Brazil win the next World Cup.”

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