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Rumour Mongering: Juventus Target Emre Can

The Serie A side reportedly have the Liverpool midfielder near the top of their summer transfer list.

Manchester City v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

In the summer, Emre Can will be down to having just one year left on the four-year deal he signed when he arrived at Liverpool in 2014. It’s a situation that would see the 22-year-old German midfielder become a prime target for many clubs eager to pick up a bargain. Today, the first rumour of such has surfaced.

Italy’s La Stampa, which covers Juventus, have now claimed that this season’s Serie A leaders have placed Can near the top of their list of potential summer midfield targets. He isn’t the top target—that’s a spot that belongs to Lyon’s Corentin Tolissio, according to La Stampa—but he isn’t very far down the list from there.

As far as links and rumours go, it’s not perhaps one for Liverpool fans to get themselves overly concerned about. It is, to put it mildly, a very tenuous link. And even if it wasn’t, one would have to consider Serie A’s inability to compete with England on wages and that Can is already on £55k per week at Liverpool.

That kind of a wage isn’t exceptional in England, but it would represent a top earner and marquee signing in Italy. Juventus just might, if they really wanted Can, be able to match his current Liverpool wage. They would struggle to justify offering him a raise without massively disrupting their current wage structure.

No, as far as links go, Emre Can to Juventus is both a tenuous and unlikely one. Yet the fact that a rumour linking him to Italy has today surfaced with a year and a half left on his current contract is a sign of things to come should Liverpool not agree a new deal with the midfielder before the end of the current season.

That, and not the specific rumour, is what should concern both the club and fans. Can isn’t likely to be heading to Juventus this summer, even if he might be on their list as a potential target. If he doesn’t sign a new deal, though, there’s a quite good chance he’ll start next season somewhere other than Liverpool.

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