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Klopp Keeps Door Open For Incoming Transfers

Jeff Curry/Getty Images

Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp normally isn't coy about his feelings on any given subject. The one consistent exception to that hard and fast rule is when the topic of transfers inevitably arises.

"Is the activity all over? I have no idea," Klopp said. "I don't think so. We will see what happens."

So there will definitely be more transfers. Or not. Time will tell and the ocean is wet, y'all.

At this juncture, the mass exodus from Merseyside will almost certainly continue, but whether Liverpool decide to bring in additional defensive cover, either along the back line or at holding midfield, is an open question.

"Gomez, Sakho and Lucas are all injured so of course we haven't got enough center backs at the moment. But we have to handle situations," Klopp continued. "There have been too many games with not enough center backs. We can't sign someone just for a few weeks. In other positions we do have cover."

Well, if nothing else the above statement would seem to indicate two things: 1) Lucas is part of Klopp's plans going forward (hooray!) and 2) Lucas is a center back now as much as a midfielder.

The preseason isn't just a time for players to round into form, but for the managers to as well. Kloppo is already rounding into mid-season form, with some fine interview quotes, including this one about the defensive performance against Roma:

"We have to improve a lot but not because of this game. What you saw was an example of how you can't defend - leaving spaces so big you could have cut grass in between."

Classic Klopp quote, that. It's as full-bodied and refreshing as cold German pilsner on a hot summer's day.

So, we have some defensive work to do before the season starts. Whether such work includes bringing in new talent is anyone's guess.

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