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Ante Coric Totally Likes Liverpool

There are reports of a €15M bid for 19-year-old Ante Coric, and the player seems a fan of them.

England v Croatia: UEFA U21 Championship Playoff - First Leg Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Sometimes, it can be easy to allow one’s self to be annoyed by the silly in sport. By the flippant. By selfies and emoji and the social obsession; or by football players with top-knots and man buns and asymmetrically shaved heads. But one only has to remember who it is most annoyed by such things to make them seem oh so much better.

The guts and glory brigade. The pundits who believe whoever wants it more wins and tactics be damned. The media and ex-players convinced the only thing holding back the English national team is heart and hardship and hazing rituals. These are the people most annoyed by young players embracing social media; the people most annoyed by Alberto Moreno’s top-knot.

So. Don’t allow yourself to be annoyed by Alberto Moreno’s top-knot. Embrace its glory. And then, when rumours of Liverpool bidding €15M for 19-year-old Croatian attacking midfielder Ante Coric are inevitably met by Coric hopping on Instagram and liking a slew of Liverpool-related images—as one does these days—accept that that’s how things work. And embrace it.

It may not mean a bid actually has been made for the player, despite what a few reports have claimed over the past 24 hours. But it seems to suggest there might be something there; that if a bid has been made, the Dinamo Zagreb player is at the very least receptive to it. That, if a bid has been made, he’d probably rather like to make the switch to Anfield.

According to sources in Croatia, though, a proposal has been made and a formal bid is on the way—if it hasn’t been sent in already. Klopp is said to want Coric’s sining formalised in time for the player to join the team on their pre-season tour of the United States. There will, it is said, be further talks today. And a deal could even be done by the weekend.

If it’s true, of course. Though if it is true, it seems safe to say that Ante Coric at the very least would be a fan of it. And that seems like it should be a good thing.

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