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Rumor Mongering: Hull City Inquire into Benteke Loan

Newly promoted Hull are reportedly looking to buttress their strikeforce.

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

With Liverpool and Crystal Palace unable to agree to terms in the proposed transfer of Christian Benteke and Hull hoping to cement their place in the top flight after bouncing back from one year in the Championship, the Tigers purportedly have contacted Liverpool and Manchester City to find out whether either of Christian Benteke or Wilfried Bony might be had on loan.

The whole report sounds a bit mad from the perspective of Liverpool or City, it could perhaps be a shrewd move for the Tigers. While the new television money certainly is enough to cover Tekker's transfer fee and wages, Hull can hedge their bets a little bit if they only pick up his wages. And one assumes Hull would at least pick up Benteke's wages, and if they aren't willing to do at least that much, Liverpool should reject the inquiry out of hand. They probably should anyhow.

Of course, with Steve Bruce having walked out only a few days ago, Hull might simply have leaked false reports in an attempt to wrest control of the media narrative, which currently faults the refusal of the club to make any transfer money available for Bruce as the reason for his resignation. Hull's owners currently are in negotiations to sell the club, so it is hard to imagine anything concrete emerging from these reports until the ownership situation is sorted.

There's certainly no babel-copter yet, but just maybe the Benteke saga has an absurd twist or two left in it before it reaches its conclusion.

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