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Rumor Mongering: Moura Quashes Transfer Speculation

Putting a damper on rumor mongerers' parades, the PSG winger reiterates his desire to improve at the French giants.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

low level bass line, rather than steady drumbeat of Lucas Moura to Liverpool rumors recently bubbled into the ether, and the player himself saw fit to comment.

Speaking to Globo Esporte, a Brazilian organ, he emphatically denied any knowledge of any transfer, let alone one to Liverpool, stating: I am not aware of anything, I'm just knowing what's coming out of the Internet by the press. [Klopp] had no contact with me; it's just speculation...Of course I'm hoping to return to the national team and establish myself there, but my first focus is to establish myself at PSG as a starter.

The purported interest in Moura has not been founded upon anything as yet, except perhaps Klopp's comments many months ago on the lack of wingers in Liverpool's squad. One might wonder why James Pearce hasn't dispelled the rumor, nor have any other club-connected journos, but that seems due more to the aforesaid lack of vociferous reporting on same.

Moura, who is still only 23, has - in some eyes - not flourished at PSG after securing his big money move from his final youth team, São Pauloor, for £35mm in 2013. That being said, no one can deny he has shown flashes of skill, and he played in 55 games last year, scoring 13 goals and providing 5 assists.

The lad is quick; we all love our Brazilians; but this transfer is still in the smoker. Let it marinate awhile.