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Liverpool Accept £6M Bournemouth Bid for Fullback Brad Smith

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The young Australian and backup to Alberto Moreno is joining Eddie Howe's Cherries.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Today in Television Money is a Thing™, Liverpool have reportedly accepted Bournemouth's bid of £6M for youth academy product Brad Smith. The player has wasted little time signalling his eagerness to get a deal done, and as of this evening young Brad is on a plane back to England to negotiate personal terms.

Notwithstanding the Reds' newfound ability to execute signings relatively quickly this summer, this deal, as confirmed by The Express' Paul Joyce this evening, is about as out of nowhere as transfer deals come. The Australian international is still only 22, and with 11 senior appearances in which he flashed speed and a beautiful delivery, some had hoped he might be loaned out rather than sold.

Reds fans need not lose too much sleep over what might have been, though, as the club will protect themselves with both buy back and sell-on clauses in addition to earning that £6M fee. Given Smith will join an exciting, ball-playing side and be under the tutelage of Eddie Howe, one of the Premier League's bright young things, one hopes Smith will have the chance to break into the first team and further develop his nascent talents.

That Smith will have a chance to link up with former Red Jordon Ibe further puts some shine on what might otherwise be considered disappointing news by some. For Howe to be able to call on the speed of Smith and Ibe -€” albeit most likely on opposite sides of the pitch -€” should render the Cherries even more entertaining than they were last season.

For those worried Liverpool are trading away their only depth behind Alberto Moreno, Joyce further confirmed previous reports from multiple club-connected journalists that Klopp wants at least one more signing and is keen to buttress the left back depth chart.

Smith will leave behind fond memories, and hopefully create a few more at the expense of Liverpool's rivals this coming season.