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Jordon Ibe to Bournemouth, or Maybe Not

The clubs have agreed to a fee and a few clauses, but there may be some other interest moving in.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Earlier this week the deal to send Jordon Ibe to Bournemouth was all but a dotted I and a crossed T away from being completed, but now things look a bit more uncertain, at least when it comes to the question of which club the young winger might leave Liverpool for this summer.

Reports are that while both clubs have agreed to a £15million fee, including a sell-on and buy-back clause, Ibe himself is hoping there will be other offers, with West Brom and recently relegated Newcastle reportedly interested. Rumor was that Rafa Benitez was planning to offer £10million and a swap - Ibe for Georginio Wjinaldum - but then Bournemouth's straight cash came along and Newcastle was placed on the back burner.

Right now, the choice is up to Ibe, as Bournemouth are keen to replace Matt Ritchie, giving the kid almost guaranteed playing time. So it comes down one question for him - stay or wait? Or, if he's feeling especially bold, Ibe could choose to stay and work under Klopp and try to break into the first team once more, but with the wing becoming increasingly crowded, he would have a lot of competition ahead of him.

Moving to Bournemouth, though, would ensure a chance to develop at a smaller club without the pressure of being "The Next Raheem Sterling," which so far hasn't gone so well. With the buy-back clause in place, there would also always be a chance he could come back and reassert himself in the team once he's gotten some more consistent minutes and developed for a few seasons.

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