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Rumour Mongering: Edinson Cavani (Won't Be Coming To Liverpool)

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Spurious rumors from a dubious source links PSG's Cavani to England, generally, and Liverpool specifically, because hey, Liverpool is technically in England.

Cavani subtly giving an obscene gesture at a ref. Nice.
Cavani subtly giving an obscene gesture at a ref. Nice.
Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

The last time a Uruguayan led the line for Liverpool, things went pretty well for the Reds, to the tune of a close second place finish and 101 goals. While Cavani doesn't quite have the same bite as Suarez (for better and worse), he would definitely be a welcome addition to our squad.

Of course, Edinson Cavani won't be coming to Merseyside, but that's not going to stop Italian online publication TuttoMercatoWeb from speculating about the striker moving to somewhere in England, and probably to Liverpool, or Manchester United, or Chelsea, or Arsenal, or some other English club most football fans know about. Also, Juventus and Atletico Madrid are reportedly tracking the player. I'm sure other clubs are also tracking Cavani, but the dartboard must have been filling up at this point.

The report goes on to claim that Cavani is unhappy with his current level of playing time at Paris Saint-Germain, which is weird because A) Zlatan Ibrahimovic just left the club, and B) despite Zlatan's presence last year, Cavani accumulated nearly 3000 minutes of playing time in 52 appearances for the club in all competitions, albeit mostly shuffled out to the left wing. Still, that's a lot of playing time, and it seems destined to increase with a Zlatan-sized hole missing in the attacking third.

So, this one checks all the boxes of a ridiculous, easily dismissed rumor. Well-known player? Check. Previously linked to Liverpool? You betcha. Obscure source without close links to either the player or any involved club? Sure thing.

I'm generally pleased with the way Liverpool and FSG have conducted most business on the down low over the last few windows. However, as a result sports journalists seem to be driving themselves mad with furious speculation in lieu of actual news. The only thing we can do is kick back, sort through the madness best we can, and wait for the club to sign someone completely off everyone's radar.