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Rumour Mongering: Reds In For Hector, No, The Other One

The full scale ridiculousness of the silly season continues with the second Hector this week. This Hector in question is Mexican international Hector Herrera.

Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Liverpool might not yet be on the verge of bidding on their own players, but the transfer rumors surrounding the club show no signs of slowing down, or becoming more concrete. The latest rumor doing the rounds is of Mexican international Hector Herrara. Sorry, Jonas, you're not even the only Hector-related Liverpool news this week.

Hector Herrera is a 26-year-old box-to-box midfielder, and current vice-captain of Porto. He scored 9 goals in league play for the Portuguese side, and found the back of the net with a late goal against Uruguay in a 3-1 win in the Copa America.

Fox Sports Mexico journalist Vladimir Garcia reported that Herrera was just "A step away" from signing with Liverpool. Whatever that means. Porto's asking price/release clause/player valuation is also a mystery at this juncture. However, whatever his cost, Mexican side Pachuca would reportedly reap 30% of the transfer fee due to a well-negotiated sell-on clause.

Depending on the fee, Herrera could be a player worth pursuing, especially with various question marks surrounding existing senior central mids Jordan Henderson, Joe Allen, and Lucas Leiva. That said, the rumor mongers aren't really giving us much to go on in this case.

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