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Dani Alves Tips Coutinho For Barca Move

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Thanks for that, Dani.

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Hot off the back of a £45 million rumored bid from Paris St-Germain, former Barcelona right back and current Brazilian international Dani Alves thought it would be an appropriate time to wax philosophical about Philippe Coutinho moving to the Catalan giants.

"Football is about living the moment," Alves told Yahoo Esportes after training with Coutinho on international duty. "Liverpool have history but you should consider playing for top UCL sides. He has the quality to play for Barcelona."

You're not helping, Dani.

These comments are just another worrying sign for the Reds if they want to survive the summer without losing a key attacking threat for a third year in a row, especially when taken with his comment about how he "misses winning cups." Of course, winning cup finals is a good way to win cups.

Although Coutinho has become a hugely important part of this Liverpool squad since his £8.5 million move from Inter Milan, he doesn't seem ready to make the big step up to Europe's top sides. It seems likely that a move to Barcelona would also mean a move to the bench for Coutinho.

These comments could mean nothing, and we could just be panicking for no reason. Liverpool are definitely headed in the right direction with Klopp in charge and a new main stand opening in the fall. Hopefully Coutinho will stick around and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's ready for Barcelona (and then still stay here, obviously).