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Liverpool FC Transfer News: Napoli Make €13M Bid for Zielinski

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Though the player favours a Liverpool move, Napoli’s €13M Piotr Zielinski bid could force the Reds to either improve their offer or abandon their chase of the Udinese midfielder.

Ukraine v Poland - Group C: UEFA Euro 2016 Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Liverpool want midfielder Piotr Zielinski, and with Jürgen Klopp having sold the Polish international on an Anfield switch, it’s clear the player wants the move, too. There’s only one problem: Udinese aren’t eager to deal, at least not on Liverpool’s terms.

The Serie A club has been dragging their heels hoping a better deal might come along, and with Napoli lurking in the background for the past month or two, it appears Udinese’s waiting may have paid off to the tune to a €13M transfer fee and the subsidized loan of Juan Zuniga for the coming season.

Liverpool’s previous best offer has been reported to be in the €11.5M range, but despite the player’s desire to join Klopp at Anfield, it now appears clear that won’t be enough. Liverpool had hoped that with the player clearly wanting the move they had the upper hand and could force a move.

If Napoli hadn’t come in with a firm bid, they might have been able to do that. Now, it’s far less certain, though Zielinski’s desire to move to the Premier League—his agent previously said there was "no chance" of a Napoli move when rumours of their interest first surfaced—means they still hold an edge.

Even with that edge, though, they will have to raise their their bid by at least a couple of million Euros now if they want to land the player, who remains a midfield target for Liverpool this summer along with Borussia Monchengladbach’s Mahmoud Dahoud.