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Watch: All Sadio Mané's Goals in England 2015/16

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Get more of a flavour of Sadio Mané by seeing how he put the ball in the back of the net last season.

Yep, he's celebrating against Liverpool. He did that quite a bit last season...
Yep, he's celebrating against Liverpool. He did that quite a bit last season...
Clive Rose/Getty Images

Sadio Mané is going to be a Liverpool player very soon, which doesn't quite represent a bargain considering the hefty fee he's being signed for. What it does feel like, however, is a good deal for all parties involved. There is a sizeable profit for Southampton, Liverpool secure a very good player in a position of need, and Mané moves to a bigger club as where he can earn more money.

Without European football, Liverpool should -- injuries permitting -- be able to enter a tough start to the season with everyone ready to go. No player has overexerted themselves on international duty thus far, with minutes either manageable or negligible. The focus for Jürgen Klopp is having as many players as possible to begin pre-season preparations where triple training sessions will be employed to build a serious level of fitness for a particular brand of football.

Sadio Mané fits the manager's system and slots in easily alongside other attackers. The 24-year-old is not one to shoot from distance but likes getting into the area to finish chances off.eats space with pace and can stretch defences. What's more, players don't need to shuffle around to accommodate him into the line-up. He provides key elements -- pace, directness, durability, and productivity -- that Liverpool lack combined with skills that are already within the squad such as good dribbling, skill, flexibility, and an appetite for pressing.

Here's how he scored goals last season in domestic competitions. 14 of his 15 goals (the missing one was in Europe) are present for analysis, and yes, there is a familiar team that's featured more than desired. It's important to notice how he gets into the positions to score goals and what qualities he displays in doing so. While it won't be enough to make a firm judgement of the player, it might provide a taste of what's to come.