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Rumor Mongering: Subotic Hawking his Wares

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In an emotional facebook post, the Dortmund center back bids farewell to the fans, letting the rest of Europe know he is ready for a new challenge.

We look pretty good in Red, too.
We look pretty good in Red, too.
Ian Walton/Getty Images

We previously reported on Subotic's agent Set Out Stall at your local transfer bazaar. Today, Neven Subotic showed up himself to practice his best call to customers,* posting to his facebook account a direct missive to BvB fans, which we reproduce in entirety:

During the last year, I realised that my love for the game of football in an active role is too big to just be able to see it from outside. Football is an important part of my life. I love it and I can't be without it.

I am in the best age for a footballer and want to use my time to improve myself and my team every day. And I want to have the feeling I am needed and I can give everything for my club. That is what I am thinking about.

I do not want to earn my money on the bench, but to be a[n] active part of the history like I was until last year. I hope you can understand that.

Borussia Dortmund is the club of my heart and it will always be. Yours, Neven

Touching words from the player, as one can understand the pain occasioned by riding the bench after being a regular first team member in title winning sides and Champions League runners-up. Words that also may cause various Transfer Committees (TM), managers, Directors of Football (TM), and owners to perk their ears and check bank balances.

No dollar amount has been floated as yet, but £11mm or a little bit less looks to be a near enough valuation, per transfer market.

Liverpool certainly need another CB, whether it will be Subotic remains to be seen. James Pearce has not weighed, the player is not at the Euros, and Ayre is working as far as we know. Keep watching this space.

*This author likes to imagine the young Serb adopts the style of noodle vendors at the Terracotta Warrior Museum entrance in Xi'an, China. Quite effective, they are. Alternatively, Whattaya have whattaya have works well, too; now I want a frosted orange.