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Rumor Mongering: Toure and Rodgers to Reunite

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Brendan Rodgers, who will seek to improve his record on the continent this campaign while at the helm of the Scottish Champions, is looking for a reliable central defender for cover, as Celtic will start this season with two center backs out injured.

YNWA, Kolo.
YNWA, Kolo.
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Kolo Toure may not be on Liverpool's books any more, but given his truly admirable contribution to the club over the past few years, not least an absolutely impeccable stint to close out the 2015/16 campaign, many fans are hoping he lands first team football at another worthy club.

Per reports, Brendan Rodgers is hoping to bring the Ivorian in to cover at the very least the opening games of Celtic's champions league season. Rodgers begins this season without Jozo Simunovic and Dedrick Boyata, who made 18 and 34 appearances last season, and Champions League qualifying rounds begin in short order.

Kolo Toure, available on a free, would seem a perfect cover, even if only for a few games to start the year. A universally beloved figure in the locker room, in the stands, and in whatever the boot-room equivalent is for a given team, he is a man that knows his place, never gives less than his all, and does it all with a smile. An unparalleled professional that has won medals at nearly every stage of his career, he provides Rodgers with the opportunity to bring in a quantity doubly known insofar as his professional reputation precedes him and Brendan already coached the player at Anfield.

The same reports - first appearing in the Scottish Daily Mail - suggest Liverpool did in fact offer Kolo a role on the coaching staff, but it is impossible to begrudge Kolo the chance to keep living his dream. One hopes the door will remain open at Melwood in the coming years. Until then, this author will continue to monitor the ageing star and hope he has a few memorable moments left in what has been a career to be proud of.