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Liverpool Striker Christian Benteke is Reportedly Plan B for Juventus

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Juventus just lost Alvaro Morata. Having abandoned hopes of replacing him with Edinson Cavani or Michy Batshuayi, reports in Italy claim the remaining shortlist reads Romelu Lukaku and Christian Benteke.

Southampton v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Throughout the spring, Juventus surfaced and resurfaced as a potential destination for out of favour Liverpool striker Christian Benteke, offering a potential soft landing spot for the 25-year-old Belgian international. The striker had also been linked with a West Ham move, but the general consensus was that if Juventus came calling it would be Juventus he chose.

According to a report today in Tuttosport, that’s a little closer to becoming the reality as Juventus have given up on signing either Edinson Cavani or Michy Batshuayi and will instead move on to the next names on their list: Romelu Lukaku and Christian Benteke. Cost, as well as rumours of Chelsea interest, could foil their attempts at Lukaku. If they do, Tuttosport believes they will try for Benteke.

Having just received €30M for Alvaro Morata, who is heading back to Real Madrid, Juventus are planning to reinvest the entirety of that fee into bringing in a new striker. PSG were reportedly holding out for closer to €40M for Cavani, and Batshuayi would have been similarly expensive. And at current exchange rates, €30M is roughly £22.5M—not enough to tempt Everton into parting ways with Lukaku.

Add it all up, and current Plan B—and last week’s Plan D—could be set for a move to Serie A. At least if Liverpool are willing to accept taking £10M less for Benteke than they paid to Aston Villa to secure his services last summer. Given most reports in recent months have suggested that Liverpool would at least consider selling him for anything more than £20M, it does seem likely that they would.

Of course, that’s an awful lot of maybe and likely built on the back of not a lot of solid evidence. Still, it’s no secret Liverpool would be willing to part ways with Christian Benteke, and if Juventus’ budget is £22.5M and he’s fourth on their list behind two strikers they’ve reportedly already given up on and a third who would cost far more than that, it’s far from the craziest idea of the summer.