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Rumor Mongering: Swansea to Bid for Ings and Allen

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Swansea, who for very obvious reasons are in search of goals, are reportedly hoping to secure the services of Danny Ings and Wee Joe Allen.

insert easy duet joke here.
insert easy duet joke here.
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The Welsh club, which started last year's campaign with some panache saw their once-bright campaign turn into a horror show that resulted in the termination of promising manager Gary Monk, scored only 47 goals across all competitions (41 games).

While Bafetimbi Gomis and Andre Ayew both have something about them at times - particularly the latter - neither player appeared capable of putting together a consistent run of goal-scoring form, and even when Swans appeared to have control of a given game, they often found themselves on the losing end despite long periods of sterile possession.

Liverpool fans can be forgiven for chuckling ruefully at Swansea's misery, as we witnessed much the same thing at various times over the past two seasons. For that reason alone, it's easy to understand why Danny Ings to Swansea might make sense from a Swansea perspective. Sources with ties to Liverpool, though, suggest it isn't a deal that would make sense to the Reds.

The main reason Swans £10M bid for Ings is likely nothing more than rumor mongering is that Ings looks poised to make himself a valuable member of Klopp's squad for next season. The hard-running predator would seem to be a natural fit for the marauding gegenpress, and having worked this hard to come back from a devastatingly-timed ACL tear, one can't imagine the player would countenance a move from a club like Liverpool to one of the premier league's lesser (if quite likable) lights. Still, one can admire Swansea for putting "Danny Ings please" in their letter to Santa; lord knows I tried that every year with a Nintendo.

The concurrent Joe Allen rumor does make more sense, but as we have pointed out here before, Swans' record transfer is £12mm (Bony) and the wage strictures at Swansea are among the most restrictive in the premier league: both facts would seem to work against the chances of Allen returning to his former club. That being said, everyone knows the TV Money (TM) is about to render clubs awash-in-cash (TM), so perhaps there is room for Allen and Huw Jenkins to make a deal.

Any move for Ings, though, seems a complete non-starter, and with that in mind, thank you for reading Today In Transfer Rumors that Probably Won't Happen.