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Rumor Mongering: Benteke to Juventus for £19m if Morata Moves

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Fear not, folks, if Conte doesn't insist on Benteke, Juventus will take a punt on the goal scoring Belgian.

why you no press?
why you no press?
Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

Do you like moving parts, Reds? Do you prefer your rumors predicated upon whispers? If so, this is the one for you.

Apparently, Real are in for Morata. And to be fair, the young Spaniard had a good game the other day, and today, Ronaldo had not the best game, missing a penalty and wandering offside on the one chance he converted (/smiles).

Morata is a tidy player, but to suggest he is ready for the bright lights of the Bernabeau might be a bit premature. To suggest that Beneke will replace Morata at The Old Lady on the heels of a Morata departure seems the height of absurdity, particularly without Conte at the helm and given the differences between Morata and Benteke and the attacking front Juve possess juxtaposed with what Benteke brings to the table.

Were Mandzukic to be leaving, this rumor would make more sense. And were the bid serious, Liverpool should pull the trigger. But all things considered, this seems nothing more than connect all the dots.

Sometimes, when I read one too many transfer rumors I like to pound a bottle of win and smoke 10 cigarettes. Make of this what you will, or just offer a prayer to the football gods that we sell Beneteke to not Chelsea but sell him nonetheless.