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Rumour Mongering: Andriy Yarmolenko Again (Again)

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Whole weeks have passed without a Yarmolenko to Liverpool rumor popping up, so we were well overdue for a fresh round.

If you keep giving me the same rumors, I'm going to keep using the same photo.
If you keep giving me the same rumors, I'm going to keep using the same photo.
Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

If Christian Tello rumors officially signaled the beginning of the summer transfer window earlier this week, then Andriy Yarmolenko's name in the tabloids confirms it. The 26-year-old Ukrainian winger has been a perpetual (alleged) transfer target for the Reds over the past several windows. I've personally not written a story about rumors linking him to Liverpool in well over two months.

Last time the rumor mongers went into a frenzy after a vague statement from the Ukrainian national team coach Mykhaylo Fomenko.

"If [Yarmolenko] is wanted by the top English clubs then, yes, he can show his best in the Premier League and he must do this," Fomenko said.

Top English club=Liverpool, gotcha.

Now, an equal amount of virtual ink is being spent based off a video posted to Instagram from Yarmolenko's agent, Vadim Shabily. The video in question is of Shabily at Liverpool's London office.

#meeting #transferwindow #fcliverpool #ProStar #football #agency

A video posted by Shablii Vadim (@shablii_vadim) on

OK, so that is a little more to go on than a random quote from the national team manager. Still, that's a far cry from a definite signing.

If Liverpool do finally land a Ukrainian-based attacking midfielder, something they've struggled with over the last several years, they could do worse than Yarmolenko. He scored 16 goals in 32 appearances for his club Dynamo Kiev this season, which is a slight improvement over his 1 goal per roughly 2.5 appearances that he's shown throughout his senior career. Granted, it was in a weakened Ukrainian league, so take that with a grain of salt.