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Mario Götze Holding Out for Barcelona or Real Madrid Move

Bayern Munich don't want Mario Götze. Mario Götze wants Barcelona. Barcelona don't want Mario Götze. Liverpool want Mario Götze. Mario Götze doesn't want Liverpool...

Germany - Ascona Training Camp Day 8 Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

Mario Götze has said he wants to prove his worth to Bayern Munich, but Bayern Munich don’t entirely believe him and since there’s just a year to go on his current deal they would very much like to sell him to Liverpool to get him out of the league and get a bit of their money back.

There’s just one problem in that. Namely Mario Götze, who apparently doesn’t much want a move to Liverpool. He also doesn’t appear to be especially eager to admit defeat and push for a move back to Borussia Dortmund, the club he left Bayern for and who by all accounts would be happy to have him back.

According to Germany’s SportBild, the reason he’s not open to the move to Liverpool that Bayern would like or agitating for the return to his boyhood club that Dortmund have been trying to orchestrate is that the 23-year-old attacker has set his heart on a move to one of the Spanish giants. Or maybe Arsenal.

It’s a new twist to the transfer saga that can likely be traced back to Götze’s new agent, who in this case is also the player’s father, who took over the player’s affairs after he fired German super agent Volker Struth earlier in the month. Struth had been pushing for the player to accept a move to Liverpool.

The headliners in the list of clubs that Götze would now apparently accept a move to are obviously Real Madrid and Barcelona. And they are, quite frankly, a touch laughable given Götze’s status at Bayern Munich, where he has fallen out of favour and fallen down the pecking order at Germany’s biggest club.

It’s not that Götze might not be talented enough to play for them, or that they might not have been interested in him today if he’d stayed at Dortmund and grown into a superstar over the past three years. It’s that those sorts of clubs aren’t going to be in the least bit interested in the Götze of the here and now.

Götze was supposed to be at the point where he could attract a Real Madrid or Barcelona at this stage—that is if he wanted a change of scenery from Bayern Munich. Instead, the reality is that he needs to spend two or three years rehabilitating his career before he might once again draw real interest such clubs.

Which leaves Arsenal. Maybe. Assuming Götze would actually go there in the end rather than waiting for a phone call from the Bernabeu that never comes. Assuming that Arsenal need him and would be happy, as a club like Liverpool would be, to take him in knowing he’d only be there for two or three seasons.

That was always the idea behind Götze to Liverpool. That he was a player likely to push for a move to a club like Real or Barca down the road, but that with how things have gone at Bayern he needed a few years at a club like Liverpool rehabilitating his career and becoming the superstar he was always supposed to.

Liverpool were content with that, and while Götze was using them to get back to one of the world’s biggest clubs they would be using him to reestablish themselves in the top four. It was always going to be a marriage of convenience. It still might be, of course, but if it does come to pass there will be little love in it.

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