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Götze Goes Quiet on Future Plans

Mario Götze doesn’t want to talk, he just wants to focus on the Euros. Liverpool now need to decide if they’re going to wait for him or move on.

Germany v Slovakia - International Friendly Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

A week ago, Mario Götze was quite happy to talk about his future, claiming he would stay at Bayern Munich and fight for his place at Germany’s biggest club. Germany’s biggest club, on the other hand, weren’t of entirely the same mind, with CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge telling Götze there was no room for him at the club.

This week, following a request from his national team manager that everyone move on from talking about his future, it seems the player is set not to speak on the matter again—lest things end up going wrong for him again, as they did last week when his public declaration of loyalty to Bayern Munich was met with a dismissive shrug.

"I think enough has been written and done," Götze said when pressed on the issue following his appearance against in a waterlogged friendly yesterday that Germany fall 3-1 to Slovakia. "I’ve said everything about this already. I’m at the Euros now and don’t want to say anything more about it."

If Götze has indeed said everything he wants to on the subject, one can only assume his final words are meant to be the last word on it—at least as far as he’s concerned. And those final words involved him pledging at least his immediate future to his current club, no matter than his current club isn’t in a reciprocating mood.

The reasons for Bayern’s desire to sell are obvious, and boil down to that Götze has just a year left on his current contract and that he has spent much of the past season refusing to sign a new one. Despite his recent decision to stay and fight for his place, it’s clear the club aren’t at all confident that he will now sign a new deal to stay.

His performance at the Euros and any further discussions with Bayern’s representatives following them, or a start to the season that sees him sidelined by incoming Bayern manager Carlo Ancelotti as he was by Pep Guardiola last season, could see the situation changed. For the next month or two, though, it seems set.

Götze has said his bit and wants to focus on the Euros now, and despite Bayern’s desire to get what they can back by selling him, a move won’t be coming in the next few weeks. For Liverpool fans—and the club, even—the question now becomes whether they should move on from Mario Götze. Whether perhaps they already have.

Current rumours from journalists with ties to Liverpool suggest they may have, and that Southampton’s 15-goal man Sadio Mane will instead be the big attacking signing of the summer, though if reports are to be believed, the Reds will face stiff competition for him from Manchester United and Tottenham.

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