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Rumor Mongering: Liverpool Shopping Bogdan to the Non-Promoted

Liverpool are shopping the out-of-favor keeper, hoping a Championship club will take Adam Bogdan off their hands

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Adam Bogdan, he of the immaculate five-o-clock shadow and flappy arms, always looked set to move once the arrival of Loris Karius was announced. And if we're being honest, he looked set to move immediately after coughing up this beauty in early January after being worked by Watford not three weeks prior.

With Danny Ward's displays demonstratively better upon Ward's recall from Aberdeen, where he had impressed starting every week for the title challenging Scottish side, the out-of-favor keeper was reduced to eating ice cream, watching Bridget Jones, and mulling over his next move.

Hopefully for him, that move is soon to arrive. The Reds are purportedly shopping the player to anyone and everyone. While this author refuses to link to the source for ideological reasons, Billy Bragg's favorite publication are insisting they somehow know the Reds are willing to take precisely ZERO pounds, dollars, dinars, or euros in exchange for Bogdan. While they aren't talking numbers, The Liverpool Echo also seem fairly certain Bogdan's presence isn't required any longer.

In any case, of course, it doesn't take a great deal of inside knowledge to know that Bogdan probably doesn't have a future on Merseyside. Which, as it does any time a player who moves with such high hopes and fails to impress so completely, makes this author feel sad for the young lad who, if nothing else, at least tried his best.

And while it was probably always destined to end poorly given Mignolet's own issues, Liverpool fans' exacting standards, and Bogdan's limitations, at least we'll always have this damn peach of a performance.

YNWA, Adam. You were still better than Brad Jones.

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