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Liverpool Counting on £4M Compensation Award for Jerome Sinclair

Having lost promising youngster Jerome Sinclair to Watford, Liverpool are now hoping the FA will award them £4M in compensation for the striker.

Liverpool U21 v Tottenham Hotspur U21: Barclays U21 Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Last season, Liverpool were the buyers in a case that went to arbitration to determine training compensation, as they signed Danny Ings from Burnley after the young striker’s contract at the relegated club expired. His age meant Burnley were owed training compensation despite that it was a "free" transfer.

In the end it was determined that Liverpool would have to pay £6.5M, with a further £1.5M due depending on whether Ings hits certain appearance and performance benchmarks. This summer, they’re on the other side and will wait to find out what they’re owed after Jerome Sinclair signed on with Watford last week.

The club have now let it be known that what they expect to get in the end is around £4M in compensation after the leaked that Bournemouth had offered that amount for Sinclair in April but that while Liverpool were willing to deal at that price, Sinclair turned down the move as he was set on completing a Watford move.

Liverpool’s hopes of having a compensation fee awarded based on Bournemouth’s offer stand in contrast to last summer, when Tottenham offered Burnley £11M in compensation for Ings, a fee Burnley were happy to accept but a move Ings turned down. Watford, in January, offered Liverpool around £1.5M for Sinclair.

In Ings’ case, it took over half a year for an FA panel to rule on his case. Hopefully, in the case of Sinclair, things will be wrapped up a little bit more quickly. If only so that we don’t have to spend the next year asking how much Watford are going to have to pay and when we’ll find out.

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