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Rumour Mongering: Edin Dzeko

Because Klopp is definitely looking to sign a striker on the wrong side of 30.

Because when you find this photo, you kind of have to use it, right?
Because when you find this photo, you kind of have to use it, right?
Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

There are tenuous links, and then there's this rumor. Today, the Daily Express connected a long series of dots, knocked over a few dominoes, and probably played a few other children's games to come up with this transfer rumor of former Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko coming to Anfield this summer.

For those of you who lost track of the Bosnian striker after his departure from City, he landed in Roma where he's scored 10 goals in 39 games for the Italian side.

The Express reckons that Roma are going to be in for a striker we're painfully familiar with, Sevilla's Kevin Gameiro, in exchange for £6.2 million and Antonio Sanabria. If this series of dominoes falls it would make Dzeko surplus requirements in Rome, therefore they would look to offload the striker this summer. And Liverpool because headlines and clickbait or something.

There are a lot of problems with this rumor. For one, it doesn't seem like the kind of young, energetic signing that Klopp has been known to pursue in the past. Also, Dzeko doesn't seem like an improvement over the personnel already at the club. And the involvement of other moving pieces, up to and including a player swap + cash, makes this one seem quite unlikely.

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