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Mario Balotelli: "I Was Not Happy at Liverpool"

The on-loan striker said he does not want to return to Anfield.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Liverpool have enjoyed a positive run of form in the attack in recent weeks, with the health of Daniel Sturridge and emergence of Divock Origi pushing the team to score 10 goals in its last three matches.

As a result, it's easy to forget that striker Mario Ballotelli is still on loan at AC Milan after a disappointing first season at Anfield under Brendan Rodgers. The Italian has failed to make much noise at Milan, in large part because of injury issues, and has faced jeers from his own fans this season.

Though it seemed inevitable that Milan would send him back to Liverpool in the summer, he seems intent on sticking it out in Italy and essentially ruled out a return to the Reds in a recent interview.

"What I want is certainly to stay at Milan," Balotelli said. "I was not happy at Liverpool and I do not want to go back there."

"I've been doing well in my last two games. There are another six for me to prove myself."

The striker, who has just one goal to his name this season, added that he's finally back to 100 percent fitness and is at ease in Milan. And he claimed that the Italian side "have the money" to keep him around.

Whether or not Milan have funds isn't the issue, though. The problem is there is little reason for the club allot resources to a player that has struggled throughout the season, and at 25 years of age is quickly moving from the "high potential" to "what could have been" phase of his career.

More likely than an extended stay in Serie A for Balotelli is a potential move to the Chinese Super League, which has been rumored in recent weeks. However, no conclusive reports of a move to China have surfaced yet.

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