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Liverpool FC Transfer News: Reds to Salvage Struggling Arsenal Winger

Arsenal won the race to sign Alex Oxlade-Chamberain from Southampton in 2011, but with the player out of favour at the Emirates the Reds are again being linked to him.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Once you’ve been linked with Liverpool, that never goes away. Just ask Arda Turan or Pedro Rodriguez, who spent years being linked to Anfield and in the end only saw the rumours stop when they headed to Barcelona and Chelsea respectively. The moment they start to struggle at their new clubs, though, you can be certain the Liverpool links will pop back up.

One only has to look at Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for proof of that. The Arsenal winger was linked with Liverpool a fair bit before he got his Arsenal move, and while one might have thought that would be the end of any rumoured Liverpool interest, with the player struggling for regular playing time this season and claims Arsenal are willing to ship him out, the Reds are back in the frame.

Earlier this week, rumour mongers suggested Arsenal could be looking to sell the 22-year-old. Today, those same rumour mongers have floated Liverpool as a potential buyer, with the Metro going as far as to suggest Liverpool have been given the all-clear to sign Oxlade-Chamberlain and that a deal could be agreed before the season is even over and the transfer window open again.

As yet, there is little to suggest there’s anything more to this rumour than the usual lazy linking of a player to a club he’s been linked to before. Still, even if the young English winger hasn’t quite lived up to expectations at the Emirates, most Liverpool fans wouldn’t be unhappy if the rumours turned out to have some truth to them and Oxlade-Chamberlain rather belatedly ended up at Anfield.

Realistically, though, it’s a rumour that has about as much weight to it as when Turan and Pedro were last linked to the club. And that will have as much weight as when Turan and Pedro struggle at Barcelona and Chelsea at some point in the next 18 months and are linked to the club. Which is to say none. Mostly it’s another bit of proof of just how little imagination the rumour mongers have.

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