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All the Germans Weigh in on Mario Götze's Future

If you were looking for your daily "Mario Götze sind traurig" round up, here it is.

How do you say "Gaffer" in German?
How do you say "Gaffer" in German?
Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

It's a Saturday with no club football and transfer rumours make for an easy way to pass the time. As has so often been the case, the international break has brought with it some delightfully candid interviews from those lucky few who have been called away on national duty, and news of alleged Liverpool target Mario Götze's discontent has been flowing more freely than a beer tap at Oktoberfest.

"I speak with Mario and think he is not 100% satisfied with his situation at Bayern [Munich]," teammate Thomas Müller said for no discernible reason other than because he could. "I am not Mario's agent, so I am not going to speak about his future."

Think you just did, Tommy, but sure. Müller wasn't the only one to provide a snippet of insight into young Götze's current frame of mind, as Germany's national team manager Joachim Löw also weighed in on the matter, albeit in a slightly more diplomatic fashion.

"I had a talk with him last night about his situation at Bayern Munich and we decided he would play against Italy in Munich," Löw explained. "We don't know how long he will play, It depends on his composure and level of fitness, he is lacking a bit behind there. We had great talks about his situation and there will of course be a new coach in Bayern next season so the first thing he should do is talk to the new coach."

Götze's has made a single substitute appearance since sustaining a hamstring injury (!) in early October. Though his stint on the trainer's table has largely made him unavailable, he hasn't yet found a way back into Pep Guardiola's starting line up. His fate may be different once Carlo Ancelotti takes over this summer, but Liverpool many fans will be hoping his fate is different for Klopp-related reasons come the off season.

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