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Textual Healing: Götze Reaches Out to Klopp

When a potential transfer target texts you, how long do you wait to text back? Immediately? Do you play it cool and wait a few hours? Do you wait a few days in hopes that it might drive the transfer fee down a bit? It's a minefield out there.

Mario Götze is too tiny and Jürgen Klopp is too tall to make for reasonable crops.
Mario Götze is too tiny and Jürgen Klopp is too tall to make for reasonable crops.
Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Some people like email. Some prefer a phone call. But in this modern age, the text remains supreme. It's an easy way for footballers to keep in touch as they move from club to club, country to country, or even continent to continent. Even the old timers enjoy it, with Steven Gerrard's proclivity for texting Jürgen Klopp recently being revealed as a Thing That is Real and True in This World.

When sseine handy isn't blowing up with notifications from Gerrard, Klopp is getting updates from former acolytes in das Vaterland. Liverpool have been rumoured to be looking into Mario Götze services for quite some time now, and after some totally-not-made-up transfer fees began floating around last week, Götze has confirmed that he still speaks to his former Borussia Dortmund manager from time to time.

"We are texting now and again," Götze told ZDF TV, though confirmed they totally haven't talked about a move to Liverpool, no sir. "He was my coach at Borussia Dortmund, but there is nothing special."

Ouch. Götze's future at Bayern Munich has been uncertain, in part due his injury record and in part due to Carlo Ancelotti's pending takeover at the end of the season. Götze's contract runs out in June 2017, so if Bayern are planning on moving the young German on to another club, this summer would be an excellent time to do that and still make some decent money off the sale.

"It hinges on many factors," Götze said of his options going forward. "Everything else will show in the future. We are still in the current season but, sure, it'll be important what the new coach thinks."

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