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Luis Suarez Says Joining Arsenal “Would Have Been Very Difficult”

With Arsenal facing Barcelona in the Champions League, a little talk about Luis Suarez, Liverpool, and his nearly move to the Gunners was probably inevitable.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

With Barcelona taking on Arsenal in the Champions League today, you were always going to have to hear about Luis Suarez and Liverpool. Because that’s how the English press works. Plus, what would a week of seeming positivity preparing for a cup final and a not-cup final cup final be for Liverpool without a reminder of what could have been?

"They are a big club, but it would have been very difficult to play for any team other than Liverpool in England," said Suarez when asked by the Daily Express about the summer he seemed set to move to Arsenal for£40M and a pound only to have Liverpool refuse to deal, sending the striker to train on his own and forcing Suarez to return to the fold for another year.

In all the talk these days of Liverpool being the star striker’s English club—the only one he could ever play for—at the time he did seem very determined to force through a switch to London. In the end, a strong showing by the club stopped that move happening, and what happened over the next 12 months seemed for the best for both Suarez and also for Liverpool.

"Barcelona was the only choice for me," added Suarez of his eventual move to Catalonia for £75M in the summer of 2014. "I will always watch Liverpool and look for their results. They will always be a very special club for me [and] I would love to see them back in the Champions League. I am sure they can be back there soon. It is where that special club belongs."

When that move came, few could begrudge him taking it. Few would have even the season before had it been Barcelona calling and not Arsenal. As for the increasingly upbeat talk about Suarez’ time at Anfield, it seems in the end goals are what fans will most remember, and not any anger over his attempt to force through an Arsenal move or some of his on-pitch antics.

And no matter one’s opinion on Suarez’ time at Liverpool and what—if anything—it really meant or should be remembered for, it’s doubtful any Liverpool fan wouldn’t at least crack a smile today if he were to put a couple past the team whose interest in him once gave them such a headache.

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