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Liverpool FC Transfer News: Benfica vs. Porto Edition

The rumor mongers on Twitter unearthed a piece of paper that is allegedly lists clubs with scouts in attendance at the Benfica vs. Porto match. Oh aye.

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A list of European scouts going to watch a major European football match is not a particularly revelatory thing. The most critical part of developing a transfer list in this sport continues to be the scouting of the talent.  And to have a scouting network broad enough to go catch an Iberian showdown between S.L. Benfica and F.C. Porto is pretty standard fair even for small clubs.

That said, we so rarely get to see tangible evidence in the furious tornado that is the transfer rumor mill that when one does, it becomes difficult to abate the carnal reaction in the cockles of the footballing heart. What sweet agony is the temptation of your club snapping up one of the best talents in the world's game.

What do you mean it's just a piece of paper with some club names printed on it, in maybe the third or fourth standard graph formatting options for virtually any word processing program? IT'S EVIDENCE! The players in this game are quite exciting to consider in regards to potential plans for Jürgen Klopp's first Liverpool Summer transfer window. For as promising as Kevin Stewart and Emre Can have been recently in spelling Lucas at defensive midfield, Porto's 18 year old Pisces, Ruben Neves, is already a player few midfields in the world can do without. But just going down the lineups turns up quite a few tasty targets that would certainly not make Liverpool any weaker.

Two players who have graced multiple World Cups, and share many different types of winner's medals between them started this match in goal with Julio Cesar and the timeless Iker Casillas. Who isn't swapping those two out as our goalkeeping depth chart tomorrow, if offered the chance?

Nicolas Gaitan and Eduardo Salvio have been rumored targets of various English clubs for several seasons, now. And, frankly, as far as anyone can tell those seasoned international attacking midfielders haven't really gotten any worse at the whole running, shooting, passing, and dribbling the ball thing.

The Mexican duo of Hector Herrera and Jesus Corona for Porto is absurdly good. The sure-footed Corona would be a Fowlersend out wide for either side of Liverpool's attacking approach. His completely natural motion and touch on either foot is a joy to behold, and he's got a bit of calmness when he gets close to goal that would immediately be put to use running around Roberto Firmino and Philippe Coutinho.

If Neves, by virtue of his youth and potential as much as his current production, is the most desirable player to buy off of Porto, then Hector Herrera is just flat out that team's best player. One of these quietly dominant types, he's a rare dynamo that can shift his weight on and off of each of his feet with fluid grace. He's reading a pass, nipping it out with a crisp shoulder barge, deke-ing his mark, and turning on to the races as if he was slotted onto the tracks. And then he lines one up from 30 yards and you realize that this kid is basically like a pre-injury years Arturo Vidal. Dude's taking over games.

All we're saying is Guardiola could do a lot worse than just drop 60 million duckets on Neves and Herrera, if the whole Paul Pogba-Sergi Biscuits double dip doesn't come off.

Then you have that random name you've been seeing pop up all over gossip columns over the last few months, Renato Sanchez. We don't really know anything about this player other than the way that guy plays the game looks pretty fun. He looks like if Cam Newton's little brother was just really into original football and The Pharcyde, lately.

So if Liverpool's scouts were watching that game to put the finishing touches on a long term report for one of these talents, then all we have to say is what's the hold up already? Sign 'em up Jürgy!

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