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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool to Thwart Torino’s Hart Hopes

Liverpool are going to move for Joe Hart, preventing Torino signing him long term. At least according to the rumour mongers.

SSC Napoli v FC Torino - Serie A Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Once a rumoured Liverpool transfer target, always a rumoured Liverpool transfer target. It’s something most Liverpool fans are well used to, though it’s not as though there’s something unique about the club. It’s mostly just that rumour mongers rarely have any real insight and so are constantly reheating old rumours.

It’s the same for supporters of any other club, really. But we’re worried about Liverpool, us. So today’s reheated rumour we get to cast a skeptical eye at involves Joe Hart, who was rumoured to be ready to make a crowd at Anfield over the summer as the third man in an overstuff goal. Today, he’s being linked once again.

Currently at Torino for the season on loan, the Serie A club are rumoured to want to sign the 29-year-old to a long-term deal. Their plans, though, are said to be running up against Hart’s desire to return to a top English club and Liverpool’s supposed long-standing interest in bringing him into the Anfield fold.

The Italian paper talk centred on his Torino future has since been picked up by the English tabloids, only they’re far more interested in the English angle. Which gets us plenty of talk of Hart to Liverpool. Only it would have to be in the summer and not in January. And there’s nothing new here to give real weight to the rumour.

Reports of Liverpool interest in Hart were dismissed by journalists with actual ties to the club last summer, and this revival round can be summer up as English tabloids picking up Italian talk based on last summer’s reports that were largely dismissed by journalists with actual ties to the club. So it goes.

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