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Rumour Mongering: PSG’s Presnel Kimpembe

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A young defender whose contract is winding down. OK, sure.

International Champions Cup 2016 - Real Madrid v Paris Saint-Germain
Would you look at that, he already looks great in Red.
Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

During Jürgen Klopp’s time at Dortmund and Liverpool, he’s become known as being a bit of a bargain shopper. Indeed, there were a chorus of grumbling supporters after the Reds turned a net profit from transfers this summer. I suppose even the grumbliest of grumblers couldn’t argue with the results so far.

Given Kloppo’s propensity for finding a good deal, Paris-Saint Germain’s first team probably isn’t the most obvious place to look. However, according to the newspaper Le Parisien Liverpool are looking to make a swoop for 21-year-old defender Presnel Kimpembe. Kimpembe’s contract is set to expire in the summer of 2018, and he has so far turned down two contract extensions. He has 7 Ligue 1 starts for PSG this campaign.

PSG have reportedly offered the French defender new contracts worth €130,000 per month and €150,000 per month, but the player is holding out for €250,000 per month, or roughly £52,000 per week.

Chelsea have also been linked with this player because of course they are. With contract negotiations ongoing, it seems just as likely that this is more of a tactic from the player’s agent than legitimate interest from the English sides. Still, might be one to watch out for, though probably not.