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Rumour Mongering: Bayern Munich Want Klopp

If Ancelotti goes, rumour has it Jürgen Klopp would be first choice at the Allianz.

Southampton v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Normally, at this time of year, as a rule, rumours involve player transfers. A few notes on potential January incomings and outgoings, moves meant to boost a challenge or prop up survival chances. Or moves forced when other sides come sniffing around looking to boost theirs.

However, with Bayern Munich having recently lost to Rostov in the Champions League and trailing RB Leipzig by three domestically, there have been some rumblings in Germany about Carlo Ancelotti’s long-term prospects with the Bundesliga giants.

This in turn has led to rumblings in the English tabloid press about who the Bundesliga giants might want in to replace Ancelotti, were he to continue to struggle. The answer, at least according to the likes of the Mirror, is one Jürgen Norbert Klopp. Also known as Liverpool’s current manager.

It’s a difficult rumour to grant a great deal of weight to. Klopp, after all, made his reputation managing Bayern’s rivals and often appeared annoyed by the two clubs’ entrenched positions in the Bundesliga hierarchy—and of Bayern’s ability to poach his players nearly at will.

Klopp is also fond of projects, having built up first FSV Mainz and then Borussia Dortmund, and appears to have the backing to embark on a potentially even loftier project at Anfield. Klopp is a manager who develops roots at a club, or seems to appreciate doing so.

His roots at Dortmund, and the negative reaction that would result in him taking on the manager’s role at Bayern, would work against such a move. That he’s starting to put down similar roots at Liverpool would similarly work against it.

Plus, there’s the very fact that Ancelotti has been in the job less than half a season and already there are questions about his future. As there were often questions about Pep Guardiola’s future before him. Both of which point to the fact that Bayern, at least in the present, is not a manager’s club.

As at Real Madrid, the manager is installed. He is given tools, but it is never meant to be his club. Taken together with all the rest, and it’s a rumour that is difficult to grant a great deal of weight to. And that’s without even getting to the part where it’s being peddled by the Mirror.

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