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Rumour Mongering: Steven Gerrard Could Return to Liverpool as a Player

Ex-Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard says he may go on playing, which has led to rumours of a Liverpool return.

LA Galaxy to Introduce Ashley Cole and Jelle Van Damme Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Steven Gerrard’s time at LA Galaxy is winding down, and most had assumed that with it, his time as a player was drawing to a close. The widely held belief, fuelled by a series of statements by the player in the past, was that Gerrard would retire, get his coaching badges, and end up somewhere in England in a coaching role.

Certainly in that context, that he might eventually end up with a coaching role at Liverpool came up—there was no way it wouldn’t have—but there was always a feeling it was a down the road thing. A thing for after he got his badges and got some experience. It was a maybe for the future. Now, though, he might not be retiring.

“I’m wondering whether I should play on a little bit longer or whether I should call it a day,” Gerrard told the press. “I still haven’t 100% decided on that. I still enjoy playing. I still love coming in to training and competing, so if I can go on and there are opportunities for another six months or 12 months then I’ll consider it.”

Another 12 months would likely mean another full season somewhere. Another six months, on the other hand, could mean a return to England in January and half a season. With an English club. Like, perhaps, Liverpool. At least according to the Mirror, who were first to float that inevitable option as a thing that might happen.

There’s a certain appeal, perhaps, in having Gerrard retire as a Red. On the other hand, with a tearful goodbye and a pair of testimonials played, it feels like that was an option the player already decided against in the name of playing time in the twilight of his career. And if he still wants to play, Liverpool aren’t an option.

If he just wants to come in, train every day, and not even make the bench most weeks given the squad’s depth and that Jürgen Klopp is likely to prioritise giving minutes to the likes of Marko Grujic—who he will have for years—ahead of a player who will be gone again in the summer, well, it might still be an option.

And that just feels like a situation fated to be awkward and a little bit sad. Still, as yet there have been no real hints where Gerrard might end up if he goes on playing. And Liverpool are the easiest name to slot into that absence. So, until something more solid comes along, a possible return to Anfield is going to be mentioned.

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