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Teixeira Openly Discusses His Desire to Come to Liverpool

Amid stalled negotiations the Brazilian attacking mid Alex Teixeira did not shy away from Anfield HQ's questions about the on-going transfer talks.

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

As is typically the case with transfer sagas, the longer they go on, the stranger they become. A new twist happened yesterday as Alex Teixeira, while standing on the sidelines during a Shakhtar Donetsk friendly, decided to answer questions from Anfield HQ on camera.

Teixeira obviously wants to help push the deal through, but speaking out in this manner is both unorthodox and pretty disrespectful to his current club. Even Raheem Sterling was smart enough to let his infamous agent take the heat for his impending move to Manchester City this summer.

On the other hand, it is a bit refreshing that a player is willing to take the responsibility for wanting a move to a bigger club. Far too often you see players figuratively throw their hands up and try to act as innocent third parties to the machinations of clubs.

"The team received one official offer from Liverpool," Teixeira said in the interview through the help of a translator, "It was rejected, I don't know why. It was a great offer. It is frustrating. But the manager and club president decided against it. So now I'm waiting, trying to be patient."

"It is a huge club. So many great players have passed through there. It would be an honor to defend the Liverpool shirt."

"I've reached an age, 26 years old, in which I'm really looking to break into the Brazil team. 2018 may be the last World Cup I have a chance to play in, so I want to go to a big club and show what I can do at the highest level, and hopefully be selected for Brazil."

The good news to come out of this is his obvious desire to play for Liverpool (big club? check), in England (big league? check), and to play for the Brazilian national team. Also, he and Philippe Coutinho are totes BFFs.

"I've played with Coutinho since we were 10 years old. It would be a lot of fun to play with him again."

Another noteworthy revelation from this interview is that Teixeira denied rumors of a second or third offer from Liverpool, as has been widely reported across the Interwebsphere. The full interview can be seen below.

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